Extended statistics of users are used to collect the information about the behavior of users on your site through BUY.BOX widget.

What data do we collect?  

Page views on which the BUY.BOX widget is located  

  • website url address
  • what product is described
  • what offers have been displayed in the widget

Interactions of Internet users

  • if the Internet user clicked, what offer it was
  • what was the price of the offer, in which the Internet user clicked
  • whether he expanded / collapsed the widget (whether he saw all offers or only selected ones)
  • whether he narrowed down offers to a specific format (e.g. ebook for books, or dvd for movies)  

Note! We do not collect personal data of the users.

What additional functions do the data gathered give? 

The gathered data will enable you:

  • automatic customization of the appearance and operation of the widget for a specific user,
  • displaying the suggested products in the widget, if the widget does not return any offers,
    because, for example, the product it concerns will not be currently available in the presented shops,
  • displaying to the user additional suggested products, selected based on his previous behavior (maximizing the value of the shopping basket) after going to the shop.

What do you need to do on your side?

Remember that commencing March 22, 2013, you are required to inform your users about the use of cookies on your website. This is due to the current content of the Telecommunications Act. In the amendment introduced to it (November 16, 2012) it, among others, introduces the obligation to inform Internet users about the use of Cookie files on a given website which is the most important from your point of view.

This also applies to our service that uses cookies for the operation. If you have Advanced users’ statistics running, our system will set to your users the cookie with the name bb_track .

If you do not know how to meet the obligation to inform your users about the use of cookie files by your website, write to us. We will be happy to help you :)

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