To generate the widget code for a single product, use the BUY.BOX code generator. This tool will allow you to easily search for a product and then generate a ready code to insert into the page.

Step 1  

Log in to the panel and go to the BUY.BOX tab 1 , then click on the BUY.BOX for Product button 2 .

Step 2  

In the search engine, enter the data of the product for which you want to generate a widget, and then click the Search button 3 .

Step 3  

Check the list of found offers, and then select any one matching the product you are looking for by clicking the button Select next to the selected item 4 .

Step 4  

Check what offers have been assigned to the finished BUY.BOX widget. 5 . If something does not agree, let us know. You can report an error via a chat that you can find in the bottom right corner. To see how the complete widget looks and works, you can also use the preview link 6 .

Step 5  

Copy the generated HTML code 7  and insert it into your webpage in the place where you want to display the BUY.BOX widget. If the HTML code does not work on your website (e.g. platform), use the JavaScript code 8 .

Other options for inserting the widget into the webpage: 

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