Report at least one webpage to which you own the rights. Below you will find information on how to do it.

Your webpage can be: 

  • blog
  • Internet service 
  • thematic portal 
  • forum
  • a profile on a social network
  • YouTube channel
  • mobile application 

Step 1

 Log in to your account, then go to the Your pages tab and click Add new page 1 

Step 2  

Enter your website name, URL address and short description 2  then click the Save button.  

Warning! Each newly submitted page is verified by us and may be rejected. We do not accept sites and applications:

  • containing pornographic content,
  • promoting content that violates the personal rights of others,
  • calling for hatred,
  • containing content that violates the law,
  • which you are not the owner or you do not have the right to represent the owner.

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