Transferring your own data and saving them together with the transaction. 

The abpar parameters are used to provide us with additional data that you want us to write on the transaction. This can be your website's user ID, product name, ID of the website on which clicking took place, etc. These parameters can be added to the BuyBox widget code and to text links.

You can make use of maximum three abpar parameters:


Ways of using 

Widget BuyBox

To use the abpar  parameters in the BUY.BOX widget, add the appropriate values to the code, as in the following example.

<div class="bb-widget" id="buybox-u2kg" data-bb-id="1" data-bb-oid="4751606" data-bb-abpar1="WARTOŚĆ" data-bb-abpar2="WARTOŚĆ" data-bb-abpar3="WARTOŚĆ" ></div>

Text links

To use the abpar  parameters in text links, add them to the complete URL according to the following scheme using p  parameters.ŚĆ&p2=WARTOŚĆ&p3=WARTOŚĆ&url=

The abpar  parameters can be easily added using the text link generator.

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