Creation and use of deep links  

A text link is a form of internet advertising in the form of any text or expression. After clicking on the linked text, the user is redirected to a specific place: shop, subpage of the shop (e.g. promotions) or a specific product.  

How to create a text link 

  • Log in to the panel and go to the tab Other tools> Text link.
  • Choose your page 1  for which you want to generate a link.
  • Select a shop 2  for which you want to create a text link. Remember that the possibility to generate text links does not apply to all the shops.
  • Enter the URL address of the page 3  you want to direct the users.
  • Optionally, enter the values of the abpar parameters 4 .
  • Click the Generate button 5  to receive a ready text link.
  • Copy the received link and put it where you want to use it.

Where you can insert Text links

You can use text links, for example:

  • on your website or blog, by sub-linking the selected text fragment,
  • to promote promotions or discount codes,
  • in social media channels (Facebook, You Tube, Instagram etc.).

In text links, you can insert any destination address of the redirection only if the destination address is the address of the shop indicated in the 'Shop' field.

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