The integration method below allows you to download data and create your own widget.

Calling URL:{BB-ID}/buybox.json?{par}={wartość}


  • {BB-ID} - widget ID to be downloaded from the publisher's panel
  • {par} - parameters describing the product and configuration\


  • number - GTIN code of a product,e.g.ISBN or EAN (the required parameter)
  • name - name of a product (additional parameter)
  • info  - additional attribute (additional parameter)
  • abpar1 , abpar2 , abpar3 - abpar parameters 
  • campaign  - shop ID (to be downloaded from the publisher’s panel); it is used to narrow the results to the selected shop

Additional attributes  - parameter info :

  • manufacturer’s name


Returned data:

  • product URL address
  • price - the price of the product
  • name - the name of the shop
  • type - format (if applicable, e.g. book, ebook, audiobook)
  • icon - URL address of the shop icon
  • logo - URL address of the shop's logotype

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