Insert a ready widget and automate the display of the 'where to buy' tool. With product data in your database, you can sew the script in your website template.

Step 1

The following code should be inserted in the <head>  section on all subpages where you will use the BUY.BOX widget.

<script src="" defer></script>

Step 2

Place the following code in the place where you want to display the BUY.BOX widget

<div class="bb-widget" id="buybox-1" data-bb-id="{buybox-id}" {par}="{wartość}"></div>


  • {buybox-id}  – the unique ID of the widget to be downloaded from the publisher's 
  • {par}  – parameter describing the product or configuration (description below){wartość}  – value of the parameter describing the product or configuration


  • data-bb-number - GTIN productcode (e.g. ISBN or EAN)
  • data-bb-name - name of the product 
  • data-bb-info - additional attributes describing the product (description below)
  • data-bb-abpar1, data-bb-abpar2, data-bb-abpar3  - Abpar parameters
  • data-bb-skip_jQuery- disabledownloading the jQuery library; value 1 disables the download
  • data-bb-alt- ID of the container with alternative content (description below)

Additional attributes for individual categories

  • Electronics - manufacturer's name

The required parameter is bb-number. In addition, you can add bb-name - product name, bb-info- manufacturer’s name. All information for IT can be found here: 

Searching for products according to GTIN number

<div class="bb-widget" id="buybox-1" data-bb-id="691" data-bb-number="5906006232856" data-bb-skip_jquery="1"></div>

Alternative content 

If you want to display alternative content (e.g. a banner) at the moment when the widget will not display any offers.

<div class="bb-widget" id="buybox-1" data-bb-id="691" data-bb-number="5906006232856" data-bb-alt="no-buybox"></div>

<div id="no-buybox" style="display: none;">
<!-- Tutaj wstaw alternatywną treść -->

Several BUY.BOXes on one website

If you want to insert multiple widgets on one sub-page, all you need to do is set an individual container ID for each widget.

Other integration options: here.

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