Before you start displaying the BUY.BOX widget on your website, perform the basic settings for the widget.

Step 1

Log in to your account, then go to the BUY.BOX (1) → Edit settings (2) tab and complete the first settings for your website.

Step 2

After clicking Edit settings, personalize the widget:

  • Select the Shops (2) whose offer you want to display in your widget. 
  • Own styles (3) - to personalize the appearance of the widget, select the own styles option. Insert additional CSS styles in your page template. A file with sample styles can be downloaded here.

Step 3

Go to the last field in the settings -> Collapse list of offers (4) and decide how you want to display offers in the widget:

  • By typing "0" BUY.BOX all offers will be displayed (5)
  • By entering any other number, specify how many offers are to be visible. Other offers will be visible after expanding "Show more" (6).

Step 4

After clicking Save settings, the widget is ready.

The BUY.BOX widget can take on any appearance and the way of displaying shop offers. Learn more.

Step 5 

Put the widget on your website.

See how to do it here:

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